Happy Funeral San Francisco

The “Happy Funeral” lives on in San Francisco The only folding coffin in the world (designed by P&B Valises et Co.) bears the name “Something Better Houdini”. This worldly casket has now happily cradled the rites of passing of the old to the new on five continents of the planet Earth. In January 2014, accompanied […]

Happy Funeral Hanko

This undertaking has gathered and involved more than 888 artists from all 6 continents My Happy Funeral (actually a series of many happy little funerals) is a light game of metaphysical enchantment about a poor poet still searching for the beauty of the unknown, still grappling with the question, ” Why do we die and […]

Happy Funeral Buenos Aires

Welcome to Buenos Aires! One of the most popular musical stars of Argentina, Alejandra Radano, singing “Rosa Reseca” and the professor of “Tango Teatral” from la Catedral del Tango, Alberto Goldberg, with his dancing partner, Irina Jabsa, elevated “The Happy Funeral” to a new dimension – ahhh… the beauty and flair of improvisation. The guests […]

Obama Victory Fund 2012

Photos: Obama Victory Fund 2012Vinko Prizmic, George Clooney & guests After spending an unusual night with the celebrities of Hollywood and the most important people of Washington’s White House… poor poet has realized;When you have a lot it is easy to give…When you have little it is much more difficult to give…But when you have […]