About me,
‘In every mistake there is something good’…

Mario Vinko Prizmic was born in Dubrovnik, Croatia.
Since 1988, he has lived in Amsterdam and Paris.
He travels throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas in his pursuit of reality and dreams. He has studied under various metaphysical masters and, together with the Don Quixote of America (the New York-born explorer and Philippine-based designer Matthew S. Brill), create healing instances of disturbing and profound exquisiteness, including (but not limited to) poems, plays, short stories, furniture, jewelry, handbags, documentary films, magic and beauty carnivals.

In the year 2000, Vinko Prizmic’s extraordinary and revolutionary book K5 should have won the Henry Miller Award for the most beautiful erotic story of the world. However, Nea, a one-act play adapted from his novel The Shit, instead won in the 2005 Wroclav Festival in Poland as the most original performance. It was recently played in the Dublin Fring Festival 2007 and elicited both confusion and admiration from the audience.


Vinko PrizmicIn 2006, Vinko Prizmic created quite a stir in the Frankfurt Book Fair with his sexy bike and his second book The Tales of Mystical O, a modern practical guide to the unknown deep inside of us. The leading role of this unusual novel is one emotional orgasm. October 2007 heralded the birth of what is probably — no, take out probably – the most magical and romantic metaphysical book in the last four thousand years — Love, Life and After That. Dr. Phill Almutawa of the United Emirates, one of the most promising architects of the world and Don Young, an explorer and philanthropist and the last safari man, have written: “Listen! We are brain dead, heart dead. The only thing to change our state of mind is to read. Love, Life and After That takes you to places you could never imagine — and further. A journey through time, space — where you don’t arrive to where you thought you were going.”

The Frankfurt Book Fair, during its 60th anniversary, was once again delightfully jolted by another Vinko Prizmic book produced by the United Artists Project. Together with a young Slovenian artist Ana Baraga, Vinko Prizmic created Nelito, An Emotional Tampon that was described by one German journalist as a “…red, little miracle of magical nonsense…”

My Happy Funeral

The United Artists Project started in March 2009 another Vinko Prizmic endeavor paradoxically entitled My Happy Funeral. This undertaking will gather and involve more than 888 artists from all 6 continents.

My Happy Funeral (actually a series of many happy little funerals) is a light game of metaphysical enchantment about one young and old kid still searching for the beauty of the unknown, still grappling with the question, ” Why do we die and how long will our death last?…”

The first Happy Funeral was held in Paris 21st of March followed by other happy funerals in places around Europe — St.Moritz, Wroclav, Berlin, Copenhagen , Stockholm, Helsinki, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Cahors. During this unusual journey, Vinko Prizmic was accompanied by his Muse, Nora Rothschild, and by a coffin with a soul and a name — Something Better (decorated by German artist Niki Boden).

The most recent leg of this journey brought Vinko Prizmic to Asia — to the magical volcano of Mt. Pinatubo where he met up with Something Better Jr. (an amazing coffin that transforms to a Steamer Trunk, a masterpiece of furniture designed by Don Quixote Jr. alias M. S. Brill). This unusual performance of My Happy Funeral lent the volcano’s crater a brilliant glow of sad and joyful happiness and poetry.

On September 9, 2009, the United Artists Project presented the book The Secret About Nora, written by Vinko Prizmic and illustrated by his fellow Croatian artist Nora Mojas whose work caught the eye of Filipino artist Romil V. Feliciano: “The complexity and meticulousness of Mojas’ work astound. The illustrations beautifully wed with Vinko Prizmic’s mastery of the metaphor.”

In 2036, while still searching for the metaphysical answer to the most beautiful and fragile question on earth, Vinko Prizmic disappeared near Angeles City, in the shadow of Pinatubo volcano. The journey continues…