The “Happy Funeral” lives on in San Francisco

The only folding coffin in the world (designed by P&B Valises et Co.) bears the name “Something Better Houdini”. This worldly casket has now happily cradled the rites of passing of the old to the new on five continents of the planet Earth. In January 2014, accompanied by former angels of the San Francisco Ballet, “Something Better Houdini” gently and graciously rested on the cliffs of the Golden Gate skyline.

We greet death as we greet life… with hopeful anticipation of a gentle outcome with the inevitable. It is the same for all things of the universe.
(Jeff Cohen 2014)

Happy Funeral San Francisco

Choreographer: Julia Adam… former principal dancer of San Francisco Ballet
Videographer: Benjamin Pierce… former principle dancer of San Francisco Ballet
Dancers: Pauli Magierek… former soloist of San Francisco Ballet
Liz Minor… former soloist of San Francisco Ballet
Jane Rehm… current member of Smuin Ballet of San Francisco
Zoe Lucich… Julia’s daughter

Alexander Lucich
Jeff Cohen
Belle Cohen
Matthew Brill

Muriel Maffre: Former principal dancer San Francisco Ballet; Executive director of The Museum of Performance and Design San Francisco
David Chase: Dance teacher, Actor, former dancer of Martha Graham Dance Company

Happy Funeral San Francisco

I did not get any flowers after my San Francisco Happy funeral… But the day after I received these words, written by the executive director of one of the most avantgarde museums of the United States of America… As beautiful as the scent of 99 red roses.

Muriel Maffre:
“Hi Mario Vinko,
Bravo for your daring and beautiful performance in San Francisco. Your art and books are now a part of our lives, thank you! We hope to make it to Le Petit Festival 2014 in June…”